This is the website where we hold a collaborative virtual bootcamp to learn AngularJS. I designed this to simulate a school environment where you can learn faster and help each other to stay motivated and succeed.  We’ll use mostly free resources in a curated way for beginners – Welcome!

Please sign-up here to get access or login here. (Any user posting links/spamming will be banned immediately)

Suggested requirements for this collaborative bootcamp:

  • Computer and Internet Access
  • HTML and CSS, preferably HTML5
  • Javascript (knowing only jQuery is not helpful)
  • Hipchat (Free trial expired)
  • Enjoying to be part of a team
  • Your time commitment of 2 hours per day

Alternatively, you could learn from the video course I created by clicking here.

  • Henrik

    I wanna register, cmon!

Learn coding in a collaborative team environment.